Can you explain the meaning of the gambling term “Rounders?

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6 months ago

I’ve recently come across the term “Rounders” in the context of gambling and poker, but I’m a little confused by its meaning. From what I understand so far, it seems to relate to poker players, but the specific usage and implications of the term are not clear to me. Are these poker players who play the game full time or those who just play predictably? What differentiates a “Rounder” from other poker players?

I’ve noticed this term being used in discussions about strategy and poker dynamics, so I’d love to have a better understanding. Is it a derogatory term or just a type of poker player? How does the term “Rounder” relate to poker gameplay and tactics? Is this term still commonly used in today’s poker world, or is it outdated? I hope someone can clarify this for me.


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6 months ago

“Rounder” is a term used in the poker world to refer to a player who makes a living by going from one poker game to another, typically targeting high-stake games. These are professional players who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proficient in strategic thinking. They might pursue this as a full-time occupation or on the side, but their main goal is consistently generating profit from gambling. The term does not have a derogatory connotation; it’s simply a categorization of a specific type of poker player. It’s also not about predictability in their game style, but rather their constant movement and participation in different games. As for its current usage, yes, the term “Rounder” is still commonly used in modern poker circles. It was popularized further by the 1998 film “Rounders” which is about the life and challenges of such poker players. The film also showcases how ‘Rounders’ relate to poker gameplay and tactics, demonstrating the high level of skill and strategy required in this profession. In relation to poker dynamics, ‘Rounders’ are often seen as serious players who can greatly affect the overall game due to their level of play.

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