Can you explain what “+3” signifies in the context of betting odds?

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8 months ago

I’ve come across a term “+3” in sports betting and I am unsure of its meaning. I am interested in football betting and I read about points spread betting and found the +3 notation. I figured out that it’s somehow related to a team’s advantage or disadvantage. But, I couldn’t get a clear idea about it.

If anyone can explain what a +3 line in betting means, and how it impacts the payout, that’d be great. I would also be interested to know how it works in a practical scenario, what implications it has for placing bets and how can it impact my understanding of the odds while betting. I’m still trying to understand the intricacies of sports betting, so any guidance would be appreciated.


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8 months ago

In terms of sports betting, particularly in football, the “+3” notation you encountered refers to point spread betting. In this betting type, underdogs are given an advantage to level the playing field. If a team is listed as “+3”, it means the team can lose by up to 2 points, or win the game outright, and you will still have a winning bet. This handicap of 3 points is added to their final score. For instance, if your chosen team ends the game with a score of 27 while the rival team scores 28, your bet would still win because with the +3 spread, your team’s score is effectively 30, beating the other team. On the flip side, this means the team has to exceed expectations for your bet to payout. Realize that a point spread bet may offer different odds that can affect your payout. The line is set by sportsbooks, with the aim to encourage balanced betting on both sides. Understanding this helps you make more informed bets because you need to figure out whether you believe the team will cover the spread or not.

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