Can you explain why Christianity considers gambling as a sin?

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8 months ago

I’m keen to get some perspective on the relationship between Christianity and attitudes towards gambling. Broadly, my understanding is that many elements of the Christian faith take a dim view of gambling, seeing it as a sin. I want to better comprehend the reasoning for this viewpoint. Is it related to a belief that it promotes greed, avarice or materialism? Or is it linked to the notion that it tempts fate or challenges God’s authority? Perhaps there might be some relevant bible verses that explicitly speak against the act of gambling? I would appreciate your insights with biblical references if possible, or interpretations of various Christian denominations.


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8 months ago

It’s important to note that the Bible does not specifically mention gambling as a sin. However, it does speak extensively about the Christian’s attitude towards money, prompting many to conclude that gambling is not consistent with Christian values. The Bible encourages individuals to be good stewards of their wealth, and habitual, high-risk gambling often proves contrary to good stewardship. Acts like greed and the love of money, which could potentially stem from gambling, are warned against in verses such as 1 Timothy 6:10. There’s also the issue of causing harm to others; gambling can lead to social problems such as debt, broken relationships, theft, and even suicide. Paul in Corinthians 10:24 encourages believers to act so that their actions may benefit others. Finally, some Christians believe that relying on chance or ‘luck’ conflicts with the Christian’s ultimate trust in God’s providence. While different denominations might vary in their interpretations, these principles provide the basis for many Christians’ objections to gambling.

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