What are some tips for rebuilding your life after quitting gambling?

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7 months ago

I’ve recently taken the important, life-changing decision to quit gambling. It’s an issue I’ve been dealing with for years and now, as I move away from this addiction, I’m in search of some helpful tips on rebuilding my life. I understand that there’s a road of recovery ahead of me and I’m ready to embrace it fully.

However, I’m a bit lost on where to start. I’m unsure of how to manage my finances efficiently, form healthier habits, restore strained relationships that may have been affected due to my gambling, and most importantly, maintain this new journey without falling back into the old one. I particularly have trouble occupying my time efficiently, as I previously spent a massive part of it gambling. Anyone who’s been in a similar situation or dealt with addiction, I’d really appreciate your advice on this.


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7 months ago

While ‘hike.43’ gave excellent tips, I’d like to add the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals for yourself, as I found this helpful in my own recovery. These can range from starting a new fitness routine or saving for a vacation, to longer-term goals like career advancement or buying a home. Goals give you something to strive towards and help fill the void that quitting gambling might leave.

Also, it’s crucial to reach out and talk when times get tough. When I first quit, there were moments when the craving was intense, but I found that calling a friend or family member and sharing my struggle eased the burden and lessened the urge. ‘manuscript10’, have you got any support structure in place for these moments? You might find it useful.

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7 months ago

Firstly, consider seeking professional help in your recovery journey. Therapists or counsellors who specialize in addiction can provide guidance and strategies to cope with urges. Self-help groups or support networks can also be beneficial. Financial advisors can help restore your financial health and provide strategies for managing money responsibly.

Develop new hobbies and interests. Replace gambling with healthier activities that provide a sense of achievement, such as exercising, learning something new, or volunteering. Prioritize your relationships; communicate openly with loved ones about your recovery and ask for their support where needed. Understand that mistakes are part of the process and don’t beat yourself up if there are bumps in the road. The important thing is to learn from them and continue moving forward.

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