What is the term for a woman who entices others into gambling?

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7 months ago

In the context of gambling, is there a specific term used to describe a woman who entices others to gamble? I’m not referring to someone who directly benefits from the act, like a casino owner or an employee. Rather, I am interested in a term that would describe a woman, who, either through charm, persuasion or some other means, entices others into indulging in gambling activities, often irresponsibly or excessively.


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7 months ago

That’s an interesting question. There isn’t a specific gender-based term in the gambling world to describe what you’re asking about. Whether male or female, a person who encourages others to gamble, sometimes excessively, is often referred to as an “enabler” in a psychological context. It’s always important to gamble responsibly and be wary of any such influences. Have you come across such a person in your gambling activities?

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