What’s the best way to make money, through investing in stocks or gambling?

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6 months ago

I’ve been gambling for quite some time now and while I’ve enjoyed the thrill and the occasional big win, I’m beginning to question if there is a better way to make money. I’ve recently become interested in the idea of investing in stocks as I’ve read a few success stories. However, I’m struggling to understand which is better in the long run: gambling or investing?

My current strategy when gambling is to stick to games of skill rather than sheer luck, as I believe it gives me a better chance of winning. I’ve built up a decent bankroll, but I can’t help but wonder if it could grow more substantially if invested in stocks. With the stock market, I understand there are risks similar to gambling, but it seems potentially less volatile. I’m looking for insight into the true level of risk and potential returns between these two options.

Could my current bankroll be better served in the stock market instead of the casino? Essentially, I’m asking if the prospect of instant wins from gambling outweighs the potential long-term returns from investing in stocks. Is there a definitive answer or does it merely come down to personal preference and risk tolerance? Your perspective on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m not looking for financial advice but more so personal experiences or objective thoughts on the matter.


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6 months ago

Based on your query, it might be helpful to know that both investing and gambling involve risk and choice. However, gambling typically provides a quicker thrill with immediate gains or losses, while investing usually involves a more long-term strategy. While there are certainly big winners in both arenas, the stock market tends to have more predictable patterns and is based more on economic factors than chance. Gambling, on the other hand, fundamentally has a negative expected return over the long term due to casino house edge and lack of true market efficiency. Yes, games of skill like poker might give you an edge, but it’s often not as consistent as stock market returns could be. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference, with things like your risk tolerance, how much time you’re willing to devote to learning and implementing strategies, and what kind of financial future you envision for yourself playing major roles. So, while it may not be a definitive answer, from a purely statistical standpoint, investing in stocks is usually the more reliable method for long-term financial growth.

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