When should one stop gambling while they’re winning?

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5 months ago

I’ve been having some success with gambling recently, primarily online poker and blackjack. However, I’ve noticed a dangerous pattern emerging: each time I’m on a winning streak, instead of closing out, I continue playing and often end up losing the majority, if not all, of my winnings. I’m aware that the odds in gambling are always skewed towards the house, so I’m constantly treading on thin ice if I’m not careful. Therefore, I’m now seeking advice on how to identify the best point in time to quit in order to maximize my profits and minimize my losses.

Determining when to stop gambling while ahead has always been a challenging point for me. I have observed that due to the thrill of the game and the adrenaline rush combined with the deceptive feeling of invincibility while winning, I tend to lose perspective and gamble away my early winnings. I’m sure this is a dilemma faced by others as well.

It is very important for me to understand how to control the urge to keep playing once I’ve made a reasonable profit. Perhaps it is a definitive point based on my original stakes, perhaps it’s a certain number of winning hands or spins. Also, how does one handle streaks? Is this a concept I should pay attention to or adopt while making decisions? I’m eager for advice or strategies from seasoned players who have managed to successfully navigate these waters.


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