When was gambling made illegal in Florida?

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6 months ago

I’m working on a project about the history of gambling and I’m currently focusing on Florida. I’ve found a lot of differing answers in my research so far. Some sources stating that gambling had never been fully illegal and others stating complete bans at certain points in history. I found details of gambling regulations and some gambling forms that were outlawed, but I haven’t been able to zero in on if or when gambling as a whole was outlawed in Florida.

I am especially looking for any concrete dates or years when gambling was banned statewide. Previous bans, if lifted, when were they lifted and what brought about the changes? Any type of gambling, from horse racing to card games, would be useful to know about. Sources for your information would also be appreciated, as I need to be able to cite this in my work. I figured this forum is filled with knowledgeable people who might be able to guide me.


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6 months ago

In my time as a gambling enthusiast, I’ve come across a few pieces of information that may help you. It’s tricky to pinpoint an exact year when all forms of gambling were completely outlawed in Florida because the laws have changed so many times. But it is widely accepted that Florida had enacted stringent statewide gambling laws by the early 1900s. From my understanding, most forms of gambling remained illegal until the latter half of the 20th century. In fact, the Florida lottery didn’t start until 1988. I recommend looking into landmark court cases and legislative changes involving gambling in Florida, such as the opening of tribal casinos, which altered the state‚Äôs gambling landscape profoundly. Can you shed more light on what specific forms of gambling you are most interested in for your project?

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