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Managing Addiction And Dependence

Many people enjoy the thrill of seeing those symbols all match up as the reels come to a stop. Alongside the financial benefits of online slots is the fun of playing the games and for many, it is an excellent way to while away a few minutes or longer. While many people like to have a dabble now and again, for others they spend much more of their time playing.

Not everyone has the same experience when it comes to playing online slots. Some will dip in and out, much like they would once play the fruit machine at the pub, but for others it can become a way of life or an addiction. Once you get used to winning, then you start to lose, the temptation to gamble more and more can be very tempting.

But what do you do when you realise that you have a problem with online gaming, and how can you stop yourself? It is when you find yourself seeking the next spin and the next and the next, that it starts to get out of control. What began as a bit of fun, for some, can take over until it is hard to enjoy it for what it is anymore.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How easy it can be to develop a problem
  • When to recognise and be honest if you do
  • Where to turn for help when things get bad

How Can I Stay in Control

Playing slots is one thing but staying in control is another. You may believe that you won't get caught up in the trap of problem gambling and that you will be able to walk away at any time. For many, this is indeed the case, but for some there is a need to exercise extreme caution.

Choose Your Casino Wisely

There are many gaming sites that you can choose to deposit your money with, but not all of them will encourage responsible gambling. To ensure that your money is protected and that you have some level of security, it is essential to choose a site that is regulated.

Set a Time And Budget Limit

It's only advisable to gamble with money that you have to lose. Let's be honest, no one sets out with the intention of losing their hard-earned money but if you want to have a flutter, decide how much you can afford to lose and stick to it. Don't stay on there for hours and hours watching the reels spin, set yourself a time limit.

Don't Lie About Winning Later

There is a famous saying that the house always wins and while this is not strictly the case, don't think that you are going to keep winning spin after spin. If you hit a losing streak, you are not likely to win it back if you keep increasing the bets. Know when to quit.

What Signs Should I Look For

Responsible Gambling

There are several signs that you should be mindful of when you start playing online slots. Remember that it is supposed to be fun and that when it becomes a stressful or worrying experience, then it is definitely time to quit. If you start to find yourself waiting to get home to play, or downloading apps for your phone to play, wherever you are, then you need to be careful that you are not playing too much.

It is natural to get drawn in, especially if you are winning a lot, to begin with. You start to see dollar signs and tell yourself that you could earn significant sums of money if you keep on with your winning streak. This can provide the temptation to increase your bets and to keep depositing more money. These are all signs that your slots experience is becoming a problem and that you may need to address it.

How to Prevent Problem Gambling

For some people, it never becomes a problem. They deposit $50 win and withdraw it, or lose and walk away. It's not that easy for everyone though and it can soon spiral into something that you never expected. To stop yourself getting in too deep, ask your partner or a family member not to let you play for too long, set yourself time and also budget limits.

Under no circumstances should you use a credit card to play and if you are worried then use a card with a limited amount of money so that you can't get yourself into trouble. If this is likely to be a problem, then ask yourself if it's a good idea to start playing.

If you find yourself saying "just one more play" or "I'll just deposit another few dollars" then it is time to stop. Be mindful that this is a game and that you are playing with real money that could be spent on other things.

Where Can I Seek Help

If you think that you may have a problem with online slots, and you are not sure what to do, then there are people that can help you. There are specialist gambling advice sites which can be found by visiting any of the following links:

In addition to this, you should also confide in a close friend or family member. If you can't then find someone that is neutral that you can discuss the issue with. If you have gambled to the point that you have got yourself into debt then you may want to talk to a debt counselling service. Once it gets to this point, you need to delete your accounts and stop playing online slots altogether.

While you need to be mindful of the problems that can arise from playing online slots, it is possible to enjoy gaming responsibly if you follow the advice above and know how to exercise control over your activities.

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