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How to Avoid Online Gambling Scams

Online slots are enjoyed by many across the world and are a popular way to have some fun and make some money. Online casinos offer a plethora of games, features and incentives to sign up and for the most part, they are genuine. While bonafide casinos have evolved to try and eradicate scams, unfortunately, there are still some rogue operators

Most genuine casinos offering online slots operate using an RNG (Random Number Generator) which is a piece of software designed to produce strings of entirely different numbers assigned to symbols. These numbers determine how the symbols fall. In addition to this, they hold licenses and are well known in the gaming world.

To avoid being scammed, the trick is to be able to spot the scams and the rogue casinos, learn how they work and understand how to avoid being a victim. We take a look at how you can recognise when something isn’t right and how you can avoid losing your money to an online scam so that you can relax and enjoy your gaming experience.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The typical scams operated by various casinos
  • Why these advanced online casino scams exist
  • How to spot a rogue site and avoid scam slots

A Typical Scam Example

Throughout the history of slots there have been a variety of scams operated by rogue casinos. These scams don’t last very long before being identified, and the casinos then become blacklisted. Illegal money makers include anything designed to rip you off and con you out of money. Scams start even before you sign up and open an account with wild advertising promotions offering bonuses of as much as $5,000 to open an account.

There is also the cash out scams which involve you being locked out of the system, charged ridiculous amounts for withdrawals or never receiving the funds. The games themselves can often be scams and designed so that you, or anyone else, never actually wins. That’s not to say that if you have a streak of bad luck when playing online that the site is scamming you, it can just feel that way when you are losing.

Why Slots Scams Exist


Like anything, some unscrupulous people and companies exist as pretences merely to make money out of unsuspecting victims that trust where they are depositing their money. While for every ten casinos, nine of them are legitimate and trustworthy; there is always going to be that one that is out to make a quick buck with no morals. Scams exist solely to line the pockets of these criminals.

The casinos never last long before being uncovered and blacklisted, but it doesn't take long to make a lot of money. They then shut down, making profits from unsuspecting victims before popping up under a different identity and repeating the process. Sometimes, in the world of gambling, it is far easier to scam victims than in other industries where it is harder to get people to part with their money so quickly.

If you are willing to put your money into slot games, then you are more of a risk taker. Risk taking is what the scam casinos are banking on and the reason that online slots scams exist at all. That’s not to say that you should avoid all online slots, be careful when selecting where to play.

How You Can Spot a Scam

Unfortunately, for many, the first sign of a scam is when they have fallen victim to it. It is easy to be trusting when you haven’t had a reason to mistrust. That said, it is essential that you know how to spot a scam to try and avoid being cheated out of any money this way. Usually, there will be red flags. These involve claims and promotions that seem way too good to be true.

If it looks too good to be true, usually it is. Ask yourself why a site would be prepared to give away a $5,000 welcome bonus? Have you ever heard of the casino before and what does it say when you research online? How does their offering compare with other casinos and do they offer something that no-one else does?

Often, the mainstream casinos all have very similar features such as their signup bonuses, cash out policies, withdrawal fees and turnaround times etc. Usually, those that make wild promises should ring alarm bells. Read the terms and conditions, rules of engagement and any online material that you can about them.

Like anything, some unscrupulous people and companies exist as pretences merely to make money out of unsuspecting victims.

How to Avoid Being a Victim

To avoid being scammed, instead of trying to spot the scam casinos, look instead for the genuine casinos. These are the ones that are universally recommended by most of the people that use them. You will recognise some of the most well-known, reputable brands yourself from your knowledge but there are also a host of reviews and recommendations offered online.

For increased peace of mind, choose a licensed casino that is authorised by a recognisable regulatory body with a license number that you can check. Also check the business practices, the terms and conditions etc. Check the offering against others and avoid those that offer things that seem too good to be true.

While a casino wants to entice you with specific benefits, there are reasonable limits and lengths that they are prepared to go to, to gain customers. Don’t deposit too much if this is your first time. Play with a small amount that you can afford to lose then, when you have won, make a withdrawal.

Starting slowly and carefully will give you an idea of how long it takes and what you might get charged. Don’t deposit more considerable sums until you are confident that your money is safe. For more help and advice on online scams or scams, in general, please visit the resources below;

Meet The Author
Gary Meade
Gary Meade
Pro Gambler

Gary has been an author for us since our launch in 2014. When it comes to all things gambling, Gary knows his stuff. Being born and raised in Las Vegas means the casino world is second nature to him.

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