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Author: Tracy Morton
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Tracy Morton

Are These Themed Slots Missing From Our Lives?

We’ve decided to put together a list of ideas for themed slots that have yet to appear. So we put our thinking caps on and rather than just a straight list, we came up with a few categories instead. Next, we asked for ideas around the office, with the remit that there had to be memorable sounds as well as images.

The suggestions put forward certainly seem to show signs of a youth spent either glued to the TV or a gaming console!

We hope you will find these as entertaining as we did!


A lot of the suggestions for this category are already out there, or versions akin to them already exist, so the winners are Rick and Morty.

If you have never seen this cartoon series, then you need to, but if you already a fan, then you will know what we mean. The images we conjured up for the reel symbols, like ‘Pickle Rick’ and ‘Bad Morty’ will need no further explanations for our choice when you see them.


This kind of lets on what people are finding popular on their Netflix as we got so many variations. However, Stranger Things, It and King Kong came out top-ranking for this section.

We saw benefits from them all, but the ‘It’ clown, Pennywise came up trumps in the end, kudos to Stephen King the author, to the makers of the original TV series and indeed to the film studio that released the latest version.

We do see this more as a horror-themed slot than Sci-Fi, but irrespective, a worthy winner.


Some very mixed reactions for this category, but the top three were Abba, The Beatles and believe it or not, Jimi Hendrix.

We are not entirely confident that Mr Hendrix is quite mainstream enough to attract widespread attention and The Beatles are all getting on a bit now (apologies to any fans out there) so we plumped for Abba.

Love them or hate them, everyone knows some of their tunes and there has been the relatively recent ‘Mamma Mia!’ film as well.

So we will take a punt on ‘Waterloo’ being a great tune to blast out for hitting the Jackpot.

Children’s Shows

The favourites were: Pokemon, Power Rangers and the Mutant Turtles.

Our staff claim that they were ‘forced’ to watch these shows because of their kids, but we think they were (maybe still are) closet viewers themselves. A difficult decision here, because they all have plenty of characters perfect for the imagery.

But ultimately the Turtles won the day. Just imagining a slot that yells “Cowabunga” at you when you hit a bonus did it for us.

Retro Games

The nominations for this category were: Sonic, Mario Brothers and Pacman.

Well, as Pacman already features online, the brothers Mario are most-famed for their Mario Karts mode (which is more difficult to reproduce and with less exciting sound effects), so we chose Sonic.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t recognise Sonic The Hedgehog back from the Sega days? Well, we think that he would be perfect for themed slots. Not just because there are multiple characters (think Tails and Dr Robotnic) or the sound effects (golden rings) but because several of his games featured slot machines in the optional casino sections!

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Tracy Morton
Tracy Morton
Blog Editor

Tracy started writing for us in early 2017 and is a crucial player within our team. She’s the editor of our Blog and regularly writes other articles. Tracy’s online gambling insights are born out of years of real-world experience as a Croupier overseeing table games.

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